Point-Wurf 2023

Am 15. Juni hat unsere zauberhafte quibeca ganz heimlich still und leise ihren ersten Wurf in unserer cattery zur Welt gebracht. wir freuen uns riesig über die kleinen flauschekugeln. 3 Katechet und 2 Mädchen hat sie uns geschenkt. quibeca genießt ihre Mutterrolle in vollen Zügen und kümmert sich hingebungsvoll um ihren nachwuchs.

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it took a long time, but now we've finally made it. I am so happy and proud to have created a cozy retreat for my little darlings.

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our wonderful Alva gave birth to five healthy kittens a week ago. We are happy that mum and her babies are doing really well. The first days are something very special and we are always thankful for that wonderful experiance. The kittens are still quite small and we don't want to make any promises. But we can reveal that 3 little Males in blue mink or sepia are still available.

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For the second time now, our wonderful alva will give us kittens in early summer. she is such a caring and loving mother. not only for her own kittens, she also takes care of all the other kittens in the house.. We are particularly happy and really excited, because this is a very special mating. for the first time our new breeding male became father with this litter. a paring of a seal sepia female and a lilac mink male. we are expecting kittens in seal and blue in mink and sepia,

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